Carrie Fisher's Dog Gary Gets A New Forever, But Not With Billie

3/28/2017 12:50 AM PDT


0327-carrie-fisher-gary-the-dog-tmz-getty-2Carrie Fisher‘s beloved French bulldog Gary — the one that was suppose to live with her daughter Billie Lourd after she died —  does not have the dog.

We’ve learned Carrie’s assistant, Corby McCoin took Gary almost immediately and is now the outright owner.


Days after the actress died in December, Carrie’s family said Billie would get the dog for several reasons … not the least of which was that Gary was best friends with Billie’s bulldog, Tina.  

As for why things changed, as everyone knows Gary was Carrie’s constant companion, and Corby was a fixture in Carrie’s life … always around the dog. It ultimately made more sense for Gary to live with the person — not the dog — with whom he felt a connection.

We’re told Corby’s not cashing in by taking Gary …  she just feels taking Gary is the right thing to do.


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