Kevin Spacey Replaced by Christopher Plummer on Set of 'All the Money in the World'

Christopher Plummer

Re-Shooting Spacey’s Scenes

J. Paul Getty, Take 2

11/28/2017 6:05 AM PST

Christopher Plummer is officially J. Paul Getty … at least in the movies.

Plummer is on set for the re-do of the scenes Kevin Spacey already shot for the movie “All the Money in the World.” As you know, producers decided to re-cast the role in the wake of the sexual assault allegations against Spacey.

This is a Herculean challenge for producers, because the flick opens in less than a month. Spacey had a big role in the movie — he shot for about 10 days.

As for the 87-year-old Plummer … he’s shooting in Tivoli, Italy, so we’re guessing he’ll carbo-load to keep up his stamina.

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