21 Savage Pulls B'nai Mitzvah Surprise (VIDEO)

2/26/2017 6:48 AM PST


21 Savage dropped bars on 13-year-old twins for one of the most ballingest bar/bat mitzvah surprises ever.

The ATL rapper was the surprise performer at Jake and Sydney Steinger’s b’nah mitzvah — a co-ed affair — Saturday night at the famous Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach.

Savage normally drops lines like, “Cause these n****s p**** and I’m hard, I turn that f****** soft into some hard” — but he was nice enough to make a few kid-friendly edits. He even let Jake rock his “Savage” chain onstage.

If this seems extravagant, that’s only because … it freakin’ is!

We’re told Janet and Michael Steinger — an attorney — dropped about a million bucks on their twins’ party. Much of that had to end up in pockets of 21 Savage’s pocket, who btw … was flown in on a private jet. 

Jake and Sydney might be thrilled, but y’know their friends’ parents are PISSED! Good luck topping this.

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