UFC's 'Irish' Joe Duffy Says Conor McGregor's Too Cocky to Be a Politician in Ireland

UFC’s ‘Irish’ Joe Duffy

Conor McGregor’s Too Cocky

… to Be Politician in Ireland

3/11/2018 12:28 PM PDT


Conor McGregor‘s a living legend to his Irish fans … but Ireland’s 2nd biggest UFC star says he is NOT cut out for a political career back home.

We asked “Irish” Joe Duffy about McGregor pulling a Trump when his fighting days are done — something Conor teased when we got him out in NYC last month. 

Joe — who fought and beat Conor back in the day — was super complimentary of McGregor as a fighter, but told us why a run for office wouldn’t end well for him. 

“In Ireland, people are quite humble,” Duffy told TMZ Sports, “Cockiness isn’t a trait they generally take to.”

Joe also told us he couldn’t see Conor campaigning for a fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov — the scariest dude in their division right now … and he made some pretty good points.

Duffy ain’t the only one who feels that way … lightweight contender Justin Gaethje basically sang the same tune when we spoke to him recently.

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