Floyd Mayweather: I'm Not Gonna Fight UFC, But Ya Never Know

Floyd Mayweather

I’m Not Gonna Fight UFC

… But Ya Never Know

12/20/2017 1:44 PM PST

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Here’s Floyd Mayweather shooting down a potential UFC fight … while at the same time leaving the door open. 

Yeah, we know … it’s confusing — but the takeaway is that Floyd wants everyone to know he has NOT signed a deal with Dana White

After White told ESPN he’s “talking to Floyd” about a potential MMA deal — Floyd spoke with FightHype and said, “I’m not doing it.”

But in the same breath … he also bragged about how much money he could make with the UFC and added, “We just don’t know what the future holds for Floyd Mayweather.”

Remember, Floyd RETIRED before the Conor McGregor boxing match and swore he was done fighting forever … only to go back on his word to take the fight. 

So, really, anything’s possible here … don’t rule it out. 

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