Jordan Clarkson Says LeBron Should Pick Lonzo Ball in All-Star Draft

Jordan Clarkson

Hey, LeBron …

Pick Lonzo in the All-Star Draft

1/22/2018 11:23 AM PST


Here’s Lakers star Jordan Clarkson doing his best LaVar Ball impression — saying Lonzo Ball should be LeBron‘s 1st pick in the All-Star draft … even though he ain’t an All-Star.


We got Clarkson at Delilah over the weekend … and asked him straight-up who Bron’s #1 selection should be when him and Steph Curry choose their squad members later this week.

Apparently, Jordan didn’t get the memo that you gotta be an actual All-Star to qualify. 

Or, more likely, he just wanted to plug Lonzo and his venerable fashion brand … with the help of the BBB entourage (which we’re guessing JC inherits whenever Zo’s out).

The Ball-father would be proud.

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