Kevin Durant's Mom Went Crazy with Steph Curry's Mom After Game 3! (VIDEO)

Kevin Durant’s Mom

Went Crazy with Steph Curry’s Mom

… After Game 3!

6/8/2017 6:30 AM PDT

Kevin Durant‘s mother was FIRED UP after her son stuck the dagger in Cleveland Wednesday night — and went crazy (in a good way) with Steph Curry‘s mom right after the game!

This video is GREAT — Wanda Durant turns to Sonya Curry and screams, “They tried to give it to ’em but they wouldn’t take it!”

It’s awesome.

By the way, we spoke with Wanda earlier this week and she told us watching KD play now is just like when she watched him play as a kid … same emotions.

Only now, he’s killin’ LeBron James

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