McKayla Maroney's Mom: 'She's Not Doing Great,' But I'm Proud of Her

McKayla Maroney’s Mom

‘She’s Not Doing Great’

… But I’m Proud of Her

10/19/2017 2:15 PM PDT

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McKayla Maroney‘s mother says the Olympic gymnast is still reeling after going public with allegations she was molested and drugged by the team doctor … but the family is proud of her. 

“She’s doing as expected,” Erin Maroney said Thursday … “She’s not great, not fine. She’s just low-key doing okay.”

The 2012 Team USA Olympic gold medalist has claimed Dr. Larry Nassar repeatedly sexually assaulted her under the guise he was performing routine medical care … starting when she was 13 years old. 

Several high-profile Team USA gymnastics members have offered up their support to Maroney — and according to her mother, she could use all the positive energy she can get. 

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