Zach Randolph Wants to Build a 'Super Team' In Memphis

Zach Randolph

Let’s Build a Super Team In Memphis!

6/27/2017 7:05 AM PDT


Zach Randolph doesn’t want to leave Memphis for a super team … he wants to bring the super team to Memphis!! 

Z-Bo is entering free agency after 8 seasons with the Grizzlies and everyone wants to know what his next move is gonna be.

With “super teams” being the hot topic, we asked Randolph if he would consider pulling a Durant and joining a loaded squad like Golden State or Cleveland. 

“Memphis,” Randolph replied … “We’re gonna build a super team there!” 

With Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and Gordon Hayward available, it’s not completely out of the question … though even Zach seems to acknowledge it’s unlikely they’ll end up in the BBQ capitol of the world. 

We also talked about his teammate, Vince Carter, who’s 40 years old — and Randolph told us he thinks Vinsanity can ball in the NBA for at least another 4 years!!!

Zach says they don’t call him “Half man, half amazing” for nothing. 

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